Uganda Sightseeing 5 days

Uganda Sightseeing 5 days


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A 5-day wildlife safari in search of the mammals, particularly the primates, of Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth and other national parks, as well as the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest..

The Uganda primates five days’ safari through the Murchison falls and the Kibale national parks, starts and ends in Kampala.

You will start your safari from Uganda’s largest national park, the Murchison falls national park.  Its remarkable Murchison falls which have a seven meter wide gorge through which the waters of the great Nile burst out in a thunderous roar to make a breathing taking fall meters below that flow as the Victoria Nile which later divide the park into two are all amazing. Murchison national park is considered to be the most stunning park in Uganda by the tourists that have visited Uganda. Wild life like buffaloes, elephants, lions and giraffes dwell in the park’s semi arid environment. The launch trip to see the hippos, birds and crocodiles, basking on the river banks as well as sail to the bottom of the Murchison falls on the Biblical Blue Nile gives an amazing experience.

You will later head to the park with the highest density primate in Africa, the Kibale Forest National Park , that prides in thirteen primate species like  the chimpanzees, galagos, red colobus monkeys, the blue, black and white colobus monkeys. It is awesome to track in the green forest canopy for the noisy and impressive chimpanzee families. You will have an exciting and very memorable nature walk in Bigodi swamp and along the trail you will see various bird species.


Day 1 Kampala – Murchison Falls

You will depart for a five to six hours drive to Murchison Falls National Park by road after a briefing from our safari guide. On your way, you will see the beautiful countryside’s good scenic view. After a lunch stop over at Masindi, you will take a drive to the world’s second longest river up to the top of the Murchison falls to watch the refreshing spray, from various points of view. The mighty Nile that falls more 40-meters below thunderously bursts through a 7-metre gorge. Continue for dinner and overnight at Paraa Lodge, or at Red chili, or Nile safari camp

Day 2 Murchison Falls National Park

Go for a morning drive after having breakfast through the various habitats were you will see different animals like the Jackal, Elephants, giraffes, Bushbucks Lion and a variety of birdlife. Go for a cruise on the Nile in the afternoon after enjoying a hefty lunch to see various animals. The animals include crocodiles, hippos, elephants and birds like the water birds. With the close view of animals, you can take photographs of the wildlife roaming at the river’s banks all through the afternoon. You can also take pictures of the beautiful Murchison falls at the mid river island before returning for dinner and the night at your camp.

Day 3 Murchison Falls – Kibale Forestor

On having breakfast, you will head southwards to fort portal setting off from Murchison Falls National Park. The journey takes you through the Great East African rift valley’s western arm- the Albertine escarpment. On reaching the mythical mountains of the moon’s beautiful town; fort portal, you will proceed carry for dinner at the lodge. Dine and sleep at Ndali Lodge, or Rwenzori View Guest house, or Kanyanchu Ecological site, or Primate Lodge.

Day 4 Kibale Forest National park

You will head to Kibale National Park after having breakfast earlier than usual.  There you will trek chimpanzee trekking and will come across various primate species like black & white colobus monkeys, Red-Colobus, grey cheeked Mangabey, the blues and several bird species, butterflies and  many small insects. The tour guide will explain to you about the forest’s various features and lead you through the informative tree-identification process. You will get on a nature walk in Bigodi swamp after lunch, were you will encounter various birds and mammals. Then head for dinner and overnight at Ndali Lodge, or Rwenzori View Guest house, or Kanyanchu Ecological site, or Primate Lodge.

Day 5 Return to Kampala

After having breakfast you will drive back to the capital-Kampala



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