3 Days Ssese Islands Tour

3 Days Ssese Islands Tour

3 Days Ssese island tour that lasts for three days begins and finishes in Kampala. The safari journeys you through Uganda’s beautiful Ssese islands. The Ssese islands have an overwhelming view with white characteristic sandy beaches, very clear waters that are unique to this place and natural rainforests. The numerous islands that make up Ssese islands offer overwhelmingly good experiences on the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.  All these make this paradise the finest get away location that is full of life and stress free saving you from the hustle and commotion on the mainland.

Ssese islands offer the best holiday and unwinding retreats for those on honeymoon and adventure lovers.  Other than being an increasingly renowned tourist destination, the islands are blessed with fertile soils, natural forests, plentiful water sources and the welcoming and very hospitable that will gladly receive you each time you visit.


Day 1: Bukakata Landing Site – Ssese Islands
Following a briefing by the guide, you will head to Bukakata Landing-Site to enjoy a ferry ride to the beautiful islands. Prior to your arrival at the Bukakata, you will stop at the Equator to take some photographs. Have lunch along the way before arriving at Bukakata. You will board the ferry leading to Luuku Site which is located along the islands. Dine and slumber at Ssesse islands beach hotel or Ssese Palm Beach Resort hotel

Day 2: Ssesse Island Tour
After having breakfast you will set out on a forest walk through the island’s un-spoilt forests. While on it you can take some photos in the verdant forests. You will view a variety of wildlife that dwells in the forest and among them are monkeys, butterflies, and birds among others.return to the hotel for lunch, and in the afternoon have leisure at the lake, fish or swim if at all interested.dine and sleep at Ssesse Palm Beach, or Ssesse islands beach hotel, or Mirembe Resort Beach hotel.

Day 3: Fishing Villages Tour
Following breakfast you will enjoy a boat ride on Africa’s largest lakes; Lake Victoria. Visit the neighboring local fishing villages to observe and experience their way of life, check out their fishing methods in addition to seeing the variety of fishes they catch. Have lunch and enjoy the afternoon at leisure on the white sandy beaches. Dine and sleep at Ssese Palm Beach Resort.

Day 4: Return to the Mainland
After breakfast head to Luuku Landing Site for a ride on a ferry to Bukakata. You will visit the spectacular Nabugabo beaches which are a favorite destination for bird watchers. Lunch in Masaka town, then drive to Kampala having a stopover at the crocodile farm in BUwama


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