3 Days Murchison Falls Tour

3 Days Murchison Falls Tour

3 Days Safari to Murchision Falls Camping Safari in Uganda takes four days, beginning and ending in Kampala. It takes you through the great Murchison Falls National Park which is the largest in Uganda and ranks among the most spectacular in Africa.  This safari can be offered on schedule or on made-to-order basis.

Specifically this safari journeys you through the popular Murchison Falls Park which is acclaimed as a must-visit tourist destination in this country –Uganda. The Murchison Falls National Park is the largest National Park in Uganda sheltering a large expanse of natural African Savannah.  The great River Nile that ranks as the second longest river in the world divides the park into two.

The park was named after the spectacular Murchison Falls that were formed in a point where the mighty river Niles violently bursts out through a small crack in the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley and throws its self to 43 meters below into a spectacular frothing pool. The park is gifted with large numbers of numerous wild animals such as antelopes, hippopotami and elephants among others. The commence trip that takes you to the base of the falls is quite a memorable experience which you should endeavor to have while on this safari. Inclusive of this safari is tracking of primates in the dense Kaniyo Pabidi forest in addition to bird watching.

Safari clients spend three nights at Nile Camp or Kaniyo Pabidi or Red Chilli Rest Camp or Busingiro Eco-tourist site or Nile River Company


Day 1: Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park
You will start on a scenic drive to the Northwestern direction of Uganda, through the Luwero Triangle and the beautiful Masindi Town until you arrive at the Murchison Falls National Park. In Masindi you will stop for lunch after which you will continue to the falls where you will see the river Nile. You will marvel at the gracefully flowing Nile as it flows from a 50 meter diameter and see it burst through a small 6 meter gorge and then with a thunderous roar drop 40 meters below. You will dine and sleep in Para Safari Lodge.

Day 2: Game Viewing Safari – Murchison Falls NP
Following an early morning hefty breakfast, you will drive through the Nyamsika plateau where you will be treated to a beautiful panorama of wild animals like lions, giraffes, elephants, hartebeests and buffalos to mention just a few. After lunch you will then go for a boat ride on the beautiful Victoria Nile and sail upstream up to the bottom of the falls. As you sail you will view crocodiles, water ducks, hippos and numerous birds. The boat will take you as near as 10 meters close to the Devils Cauldron. You will take some photographs of the falls and later return to the Lodge for dine and the night.

Day 3: Return Trip to Kampala
After breakfast early in the morning, you will enjoy a final game drive prior to a relaxing drive back to the capital Kampala.

End of Tour

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