9 Days Mount Elgon Climbing

9 Days Mount Elgon Climbing

Uganda Hiking safari begins and ends in Kampala. It will take you to East at the border of Uganda and Kenya into Mountain Elgon National Park. This park was named after the 2nd highest mountain in Uganda; Mt Elgon. Today this mountain stands as an extinct volcano at a height of 4,321 kilometers above sea-level.

Although this park lies in Uganda & Kenya, the Wagagaipeak, its highest point is in Uganda and this mountain is best hiked from Uganda. the Mt Elgon area is a vital watershed with its fertile slopes supporting a wealth of vegetation zones of different altitudes varying from open moorland dotted with large worldly lobelia & groundsel plants to montane forests. The mountain offers beautiful natural scenery that majorly attracts hikers onto this remote and unchallenging mountain. The Sipi Falls, the gorges and the Crater rims or Calderas are among the natural attractions here. In the park you will view waterbucks, bush pigs, elephants, Bushbucks, duikers, small antelopes, leopards, forest monkeys and tree hyrax. There are approximately 270 bird species with most of them unique only to Uganda.

In the adjacent communities you will tour the old cave paintings close to the pathway at Budadiri, and the stunning hot springs and caves in the terraced crater with coffee plantations and numerous bamboo forests. The local natives have impressive cultures, especially those of the Gishu tribe when carrying out their circumcision ceremonies-the Imbalu.


Day 1: Kampala – Mt Elgon
Our guide will pick you from your hotel and drive along jinja road up to Mt Elgon National Park. You will make a stopover in Mabira forest for a short-lived forest walk, in jinja town to visit the popular source of the longest river in the world –the Nile and the adjacent Bujjagali Falls. You will arrive in Mbale town in the evening. Dine and sleep at Mbale Resort Hotel, or Sipi Falls Rest Camp, or Wash & Willis Country Home.

Day 2: Sasa River Camp
Today you will begin hiking through the Sasa pathway and descend through the Piswa pathway. The expedition takes close to 4 hours. From Budadiri you will embark on a trail to River Sasa Camp which may take close to 2 hours.

Day 3: Mude Cave
From this camp you will ascend to Sasa Patro; Hut (2 hours), from the Patrol Hut ascend to Mude Cave Campsite taking about an hour, and for experienced or mor energetic hikers, you may proceed for 2 hours to Jackson’s peak which is at 4,192 meters. Dine and sleep at Mude Cave.

Day 4: Wagagai Peak
Earlier than usual, you will descend from Mude Cave to Wagagai Peak which is 4,321 meters and this will take close to 4 hours. After resting for some time, you will descend back to Mude Cave for dinner and overnight,

Day 5: Hunters Cave Camp
From Nude Cave you will move down to Caldera & Hot Springs in 4 hours, camp at Caldera or Hunter’s Cave for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Piswa Patrol Hut
From Hunter’s Cave, descend for 6 hours to Piswa Patrol hut.

Day 7: Kapchorwa
From Piswa Hut, proceed to Kamnarkut and later walk to Kapchorwa. This will take approximately 5 to hours.

Day 8: Sipi Rest Camp
Following breakfast, visit the lovely Sipi Falls located north of Mbale in Kapchorwa. Dine and slumber at Sipi Rest Camp.

Day 9: Return to Kampala
On having breakfast you will start on a return journey to Kampala, having lunch on the way and later arriving in the afternoon.


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