21 Days Best of Uganda Safari

21 Days Best of Uganda Safari

A 21 Days Uganda Safari – a complete safari circuit for tourists interested in visiting most of the tourism destinations in Uganda. Search for the mammals, including primates in Kibale Forest, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, vist the Source of the Nile, Bujagali falls, Ngamba Islands and other tourist destinations.

This 21 days safari in Uganda definitely lead you through the most significant tourism sites in the whole of Uganda.

This particular safari will lead you to the numerous prime tourist circuits of this country. It will begin with exploring the main tourist sites in the capital Kampala such as the Kasubi tombs which are a heritage site as recognized by UNESCO, the Uganda museum, Makerere University which holds a number of monuments and Bahai Temple. You will then drive to eastern Uganda to a man-made river in Buganda Kingdom-river Sezibwa and also see its waterfalls. You will then proceed with your journey to jinja driving through what is remaining of the once very large tropical rainforest –Mabira.

In jinja you will be able to raft at the river Nile’s source, which is one among the most  thrilling rafting experiences in the whole world. The Source of the Nile and the spectacular Bujagali Falls are some of the hidden gems in this area. This safari will further take you to the 4th highest mountain in this country -Mountain Elgon which is an extinct volcano. The natives surrounding this geographical feature belong to the Bagishu & Sabiny ethnic tribes. The spectacular peaks of the Wagagai gorges, the Sipi Falls, the exceptional flora and fauna and  the hot spring that bubbles at 48°C are among the other attractions that can be found in this part of the country.

After Mbale this safari will then take you to the scenic and largest conservation place -Murchison Falls which comprises of the spectacular Murchison Falls and the semi-arid sanctuary which is a haven for numerous types of wildlife like lions, buffalos, giraffes and elephants. The launch cruise you will take to the base of the falls will be quite memorable since it not only gives you the opportunity to marvel at the Biblical Nile but additionally view the large herds of hippos, crocodiles and a variety of bird species at the banks of the river.


Day 1: Kampala
Following breakfast, you will be picked from the hotel by one of our safari guides who will take you for a tour through the capital Kampala. You will visit various heritage sites during this tour like the Uganda Museum; the oldest in East Africa, the Bahai Temple; the only one for the Bahai faith in the whole of Africa, the Kasubi Tombs; burial grounds for the Kings in Buganda Kingdom and Makerere University; one among the oldest Higher institutions of learning in Africa. Pass away the evening as you unwind, or do some shopping in some of the local markets in this capital. Dine and slumber at a hotel of your own preference.

Day 2: The Source of the River Nile
Followoning breakfast, you will head to Jinja town which was previously the most urbanized in Uganda. make a stop at Bibbo village to catch sight of the Sezibwa Falls which are on the only man-made river –Sezibwa, and later proceed to Jinja town. As you drive through you will be able to see the Nile Breweries, the Asian Quarters and the verdant green gardens. You will also visit the Source of Nile to catch sight of the scenic point where this very long river leaves Lake Victoria to start out on its 6,400miles voyage across the continent and later pours into the Mediterranean Sea. You will continue to Bujjagali Falls to see the impressive rapids of river Nile which are just a few kilometers from the amazing source of the Nile. Dine and sleep at Jinja Hotel

Day 3: Jinja
You will spend the day at the high-grade rapids of the Nile rafting in the white waters. This experience is so memorable. Enjoy a picnic lunch and the Bujagali falls. Dine and slumber at Jinja Hotell.

Day 4: Jinja – Mt Elgon NP
Following an earlybreakfasst, you will set out for Mbale town where you will arrive in the afternoon. Spend the evening at leisure as you rest from the long drive. Dine and sleep at lodge.

Day 5: Mt Elgon National Park
On having breakfast you will visit the spectacular Sipi Falls located in Kapchorwa in the northern part of Mbale town. In addition you will enjoy a nature walk to vie the various plant species like the Elgonensis lobelia and the strange grounsels that dot the terrain.  Following lunch you will proceed to visit the coffee, sugar cane and the banana plantation and also look at the caves. Head back to Mbale in the evening for diner and an overnight in Mount Elgon  Hotel.

Day 6: The Rhinos of Ziwa Sanctuary
Following breakfast you will set off from Mbale and head to Murchison Falls National Park. You will drive through the capital Kampala for a scenic drive and proceed nnorthwest driving through Luwero Triangle a battled –Zone, and making a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. This sanctuary was established primarily to breed black & white rhinos and restore their population following the early1980 era when the rhinos were facing extinction due to severe poaching and the civil conflicts at that time. Dine and sleep at Masindi Hotel

Day 7: Murchison Falls NP
Have a morning drive through the various natural habitats after having a hefty breakfast.  During this drive you will catch sight of numerous animals like elephants, lions, hartebeests, giraffes, bushbucks and numerous bird species. You will then drive to the peak of the falls. You will be able to have a wholesome view of this second longest river in the world and its beautiful surrounding. You will be treated to a water spray a raising the white waters as they squeeze through a 7 meter crevice and drop to a height of 40 meters downwards in a thunderous roar. You will return to the hotel for lunch and later progress to the Nile for a boat trip to catch sight of the numerous animals and birds on its banks. Among these you will see the Egyptian geese, kingfisher, cormorants, pelican bee-eaters, Hornbills, the shoebill stork and the goliath herons. You will enjoy and evening game drive before returning to the lodge. Dine and sleep at Parra Safari Lodge.

Day 8: Murchison Falls Conservation area
Following breakfast you will penetrate the Bundongo rainforest and have a nature walk in the presence of a guide. In this forest you will come across a number of chimpanzees and other primates. After lunch you will rest for some hours before going for an evening game drive along the northern  backs of river Nile where you will view lions, cape buffalos, oribi, Rothschild’s giraffes, spotted hyenas, occasional leopards and elephants. Dine and sleep at Paraa Safari Lodge.

Day 9: Fort Portal
After breakfast you will depart from Murchison Falls National Park and head for Fort Port. You will drive in the southwest direction going through the Albertine rift valley an d further proceed through the gorgeous and  spectacular western arm of the great Rift Valley of East Africa. When you arrive in the beautiful town –Fort Portal which is situated in the outline of the legendary Mountain of the Moon, you will head for diner and a night in the lodge. Dine and sleep at Primate Lodge or Kanyanchu Ecological site, or Ndali Lodge, or Rwenzori View Guest house.

Day 10: Kibale Forest National Park
After a heft early breakfast, you will continue to Kibale Forest National Park to participate in the Chimpanzee trekking. While tracking, you will come face-to-face with various primates such as the Red-Colobuses, white & black Colubus monkeys, grey cheeked Mangabeys and the blues in addition to numerous bird species, butterflies and small insects. The guide will show you the different tree identifications in this forest and also detail you about the other flora features in the forest. After finding them, you will return for lunch at the lodge and later have a nature walk in the Bigodi Swamp. During this walk you will see numerous birds and a variety of mammals. Dine and sleep at Ndali Lodge or Kanyankyu Ecological site, or Primate Lodge.

Day 11: Kibale Forest – Queen Elizabeth
You will head to Queen Elizabeth National Park after having breakfast. You will enjoy the backdrop panorama of the legendary Mountain Rwenzori buffaloes,. You will have a wonderful game drive on your way and you will catch sight of lions, hyenas, numerous antelope species, humorous warthogs, elephants and leopards. Following lunch you will go to the Kazinga Channel to enjoy your launch cruise. You will view a variety of animals on the shores sipping at the waters, and among them are hippos, buffalos and elephants in addition to a variety of water birds. Dine and sleep at Mweya Safari Lodge. Full board

Day 12: Queen Elizabeth NP
After breakfast, you head to the Kasenyi trails and the Queen’s Mile for a morning game drive through the park. You will view lions, cape buffalos, spotted hyenas, kobs, elephants, the rare leopards, warthogs and the waterbucks in addition to birds and other small animals. You will return to the lodge to have lunch. After lunch you will drive to Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth through Maramagambo forest. Dine and sleep at Savannah Hotel.

Day 13: The Ishasha sector
After having breakfast you will go for a game drive as you look for the popular tree-climbing lion, which you will find resting in the old big fig trees. Taking a drive through this large open savannah terrain dotted with a diversity of acacia trees is an unforgettable experience. You will then drive to southern Uganda and visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. And if time allows, you will tour through the local communities to adventures some of the rural communities in Uganda, or unwind at the lodge. Dine and over night at Buhoma Homestaed.

Day 14: Gorilla Tracking
After an early breakfast you will begin penetrating the gorilla haven of outstanding Bwindi Forest.  This tropical forest is a sanctuary to half of the population of the enduring Mountain Gorillas which are concentrated in dense forested areas and thick landscapes. You will be able to have a very close encounter with the impressive Mountain Gorillas, leaving you with a very memorable encounter which you will only receive in Uganda. dine and slumber at Buhoma Homestead.

Day 15: The Little Switzerland of Africa
On having breakfast you will take a panorama drive to Kabale passing through the gorgeous landscape of terraced rising and falling terraced hills. The cool temperature and beautiful scenery are the reason why this region is now called the “ Switzerland of Africa” because it closely looks like the Swiss Alps. You will make a stopover to visit the Bakiga Museum located in Kabale town where you will discover the interesting culture of the natives of this area. Following lunch you will have a boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi which is the second of Africa’s deepest lakes. During this ride you will visit different islands to view the remarkable birdlife and sight see. Dine and sleep at Bunyonyi Safari Resort, or Bushara Island, or Bunyonyi Over land Camp.

Day 16: Lake Mburo National Park
After breakfast, head Lake Mburo National Park, which is the smallest national park in the whole of Uganda. Arrive in Mbarara at lunch time, lunch at the stunning Lake View Regency Hotel. Enjoy a game drive through the park in the evening. On the drive you will view beautiful impalas, zebras, topi, cape buffalos, elands and oribis. After the game drive, visitors will enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Mburo. Many of acacia related and water birds will be seen within the park. These include Brown-faced, Papyrus gonoleks, Carruthers cisticolas, Bare-faced Go-away bird, lapwings and winged Warbler Dinner and sleep at Mantana Tented Camp/

Day 17: Lake Mburo NP – Kampala
You will begin your day with a very early morning game drive in the park after which you will return for breakfast at the lodge. You will have a nature walk in the salt lick region in the accompaniment of a guide where you will view over four different species of animals licking the salty soils, through the blind-observatory animal. After lunch you will set out for Kampala making a stopover at the equator to take some photos and then arrive in the late evening in Kampala. Dine and sleep in Kampala.

Day 18: UWEC & Ssese Islands
On having breakfast you will be taken to the Uaganda Wildlife Education Center which is located in once  colonial-administration town of Uganda; Entebbe.  From this conservation area, the tour guide will guide you through the various exhibits and detail you will additional information about the mammals, bird and the various reptiles in Uganda. following the tour guide you will embark on a ferry that will head to a large collection of 84 islands –the Ssese island found on Lake Victoria. This tour will take you to Lutoboka a beautiful bay in Bugala Island. Dine and sleep at Mirembe Resort Beach.

Day 19: Bukasa Island
After breakfast you will voyage to Bukasa Island which is the 2nd largest island among the archipelago of the Ssese islands. Exploring the Bukasa Island will involve marveling at the beautiful lake shore and the green forested area, all of which will give you a memorable experience. After lunch you will continue exploring the islands. In the evening you will return to Bugala island. Dine and slumber at Mirembe Resort Beach.

Day 20: On the Beach at Bugala Island
You will spend the day at leisure on the white sandy beaches. You may participate in activities such as swimming in the very clean white waters of the Victoria, or fish on lake Victoria which is endowed with a variety of fish species, or hire a bicycle to enjoy a ride through the forest area and on the island. The pleasant environment will amaze you. Other alternative activities include sport fishing. Diner and sleep at Mirembe Resort Beach.

Day 21: Return to Entebbe
After having breakfast you will go back to Entebbe for your personal onward travel plans.


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