Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba-Island Chimpanzee sanctuary lies in Uganda’s central regions and is situated 23 kilometers south east of the town of Entebbe. The Chimpanzee Island constitutes a section of the Kome archipelago, which is a collection of approximately 15 islands & islet divided by a ten kilometer broad Damba channel from the northern coast of L. Victoria.

Following the rescue of the 19 orphaned chimps from  poachers  and their  relocation  from  the Uganda wildlife Education centre  and  the  Queen Elizabeth National Park’s  smaller  Isinga Island  in the year 1998,this chimpanzee haven was established. The sanctuary’s prime function is to offer the finest care and living facilities to the chimpanzees.  The preference of Ngamba  as a sanctuary for the chimpanzees  was because it was unpopulated  and  its  indistinguishable rainforest surroundings were as wild as a chimpanzee habitat, with at least  fifty  plant varieties  that are exploited by Uganda’s  free-moving chimps. The sanctuary is sustained by the Uganda wildlife Education centre, the Jane Goodall Institute and the Born Free Foundation among others.

Ngamba Islands Accommodation  
Getting There

A 45 minutes cruise on a motor boat or using traditional canoes gets you to the Island.Swimming, recreation and bird watching are some of the activities on the Island.

In case of any interests to visit the chimps in Ngamba Island, we offer a variety of travel options like:

Half day visit in Ngamba
One day Ngamba chimpanzee exploration

Two days Ngamba Island tour

Three days Ngamba all night Experience

Our packages include activities like:

Chimp watching- full day

Educational tours

Chimp feeding familiarity

Nature treks

Boat Rides

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