Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon is found close to Mbale town in eastern Uganda and covers an expanse of 1,145 sq kilometers. It was named after Mountain Elgon which is 4,321m high and is an extinct volcanic that id located at Uganda’s border with Kenya with Wagagai its highest peak at 4,321m being in Uganda. the mountain hass 3 other main peaks: the Kiongo at 4,303m, Jackson’s summit at 4,165m and the Mubiyi at 4,210m. Very many years ago, this mountain stood higher that the Kilimanjaro Mountain which at present day is the highest in East Africa.

Mountain Elgon is locally referred to as Mt. Masaba. The name Masaba was for the founder ancestor of the Bagisu and is believed to have come from a cave on these slopes in the ancient centuries. Mt. Elgon is a significant watershed for numerous rivers like the Sipi River on which the renowned Sipi Falls are found. The slopes are composed of a wealth of different zones of longitudinal vegetation that ranges from the high open-moorland dotted with other large lobelia & groundsel plants to the low montane.
Despite the fact that the beautiful scenery is the major attraction, the park holds a diversity of animal species among which are monkeys, elephants, buffaloes and small antelopes.  The park is also a haven to more than 300 types of birds, with many being endemic to this place in the whole of Uganda. These birds include forest birds, and many endemic types adapted into the montane moorlands of East Africa. 12 of the unique species recorded in Mt. Elgon endemic here and no other national park in Uganda include Jackson’s francolin, Moustached green tinker bird, black collared apalis, Marsh Widowbird, Weyn’s weaver, Moorland Francolin, Red-throated wryneck, Hunter’s Cisticola and the Alphine chat. Other attractions in the park are the ancient paintings in the caves near the Bugadiri trailhead, and the hot springs found in the crater. The dancers during the Imbalu initiation ceremony are another lively attraction in the region.

Accessibility to Mount Elgon
The park can be reached on road and the voyage last about 3 to 4 hours starting in Kampala and runs along the well keep tarmac

Safari Activities
The major tourist activity is hiking. Ascending the slopes of Mt Elgon is not very challenging and can therefore be done by both experienced climbers and medium hikers.

Other safari activities include community tours, nature walks along the Budadiri trail, participating in the traditional imbalu dances and visiting the spectacular Sipi Falls.

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