Kuwaiti tourists visiting Dubai in record numbers

Kuwaiti tourists visiting Dubai in record numbers

Several travel and tourism offices in Kuwait agree that the number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Dubai during the holidays in the last four seasons has been the highest so far, reports Al-Jaridah daily. Mohammad Al-Tasabaji, the General Manager of a travel agency, revealed that many airlines have increased the number of flights to Dubai due to a large number of travelers from Kuwait who choose Dubai as their holiday destination.

He specified that there are 10 flights on an average from Kuwait Airport to Dubai Airport per day, revealing that holidaying in European cities such as Paris, Rome, and Geneva has reduced due to lesser number of holidays. Indicating that London takes the lion share of travelers to Europe, he explained that fares to London costs about KD 450 while transit in the city costs around KD 300.

Meanwhile, Abdulatif Rashid, the Tourism Manager of a travel agency revealed that airfare for travelers departing from Kuwait will reduce from middle of next week while the return ticket will cost higher by middle of February due to the end of mid-year holidays in schools. In addition, Hassan Abdulkareem, the Tourism Manager of another travel agency disclosed that many travelers booked for flights to Jeddah during the mid-year holidays, explaining that the purpose of the travel is religious, as majority of travelers are going for Umrah.

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