Brussels Airlines boosts inflight cuisine

Brussels Airlines boosts inflight cuisine

Starting tomorrow, November 1, Brussels Airlines will introduce a range of new inflight meals on their intercontinental flights, which includes the routes from Brussels to Entebbe, Kigali, Bujumbura, and Nairobi, the airline’s East African destinations. Over the coming weeks, Belgium’s top chefs, starting with Geert van Hecke, a culinary star from West Flanders, will produce food for passengers in Brussels Airlines award-winning business class, reflecting on both the season as well as the region of Belgium the respective chefs will come from.

As an old saying goes, that love goes through the stomach, so has Brussels Airlines apparently also concluded that passenger loyalty also goes through the stomach and the new range of meals available on their long-haul flights to New York, Washington, and the entire West African destinations, will go a long way to cement “friendship,” as passengers’ taste buds are tickled at 39,000 feet above sea level.

Savoir Vivre is returning once again to the air, which has always been a hallmark, first of the good old Sabena days when this phrase was coined and now with Brussels Airlines. And for those traveling together as a couple, perhaps the question, “Can I take you for dinner on Brussels Airlines darling?” is now not completely out of the question. Bon Appetite!

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