FOR THE MAGNIFICENT BIRDS, COME TO UGANDA. Uganda has almost a half of the Africa’s birds and those include:pittas, African skimmers,goriath white bird,abyssinian ground horn bill, yellow rumped thinker bird, eagles,owls,strip breasted tit,regal sun bird,rwenzoir batis,ring necked dove, long crested eagle, marabou spur,wagtail,crested crane to mention but a few. Uganda is really a home of birds. More of these birds can be found in almost all Uganda’s National Parks. When you look around the capital city of Kampala, you can record nearly 250 different species in a day, and all this is thanks to the richly diverse of habitats from the scenic shores of Lake Victoria to the lush forests of the Albertine Rift and the banks of the mighty Nile River. 23 Albertine Endemics occur here and are difficult or even impossible to find somewhere else, the crested cranes are found only in Uganda and only that makes Uganda a habitant for the most unique birds in Africa. Uganda is a birder’s paradise. When you go to Kibale National park, you will find almost 600 bird species, come to Murchison falls nearly 400 bird species. Don’t miss the rare, prehistoric–looking Shoebill. the rare Abyssinian ground hornbill.Uganda also offers the friendliness of the Ugandan people, incredible safaris, mountain gorillas and cultural tourism attractions found nowhere else in Africa! Enjoy Safaris Africa designed this page for all bird lovers and visitors who are planning to visit our lovely country Uganda and explore all of the natural treasures that Uganda offers. Birding in Uganda section highlights hotspots around the country, an Itinerary section will connect you to tour operators specializing in birding itineraries, and the Birding Resources section provides everything you will need to get that life experience you’ve been looking for! UGANDA! GIFTED BY NATURE.