Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda Birding Safaris – Birding Tours to Uganda’s best birding destinations

In Africa, Uganda is referred to as a paradise for birds. The country has a total bird population greater than that of the entire African continent. This can be well illustrated by the numerous bird habitats that vary from the montane rainforests, arid, the semi arid and the rich savanna, large wetlands, afro alpine zones and the volcanoes. In Uganda, birding is one among the prominent activities that this country has to offer. Majority of the birds in this country are found in wetlands, river banks, game reserves or parks, forests and lake shores.

The bird habitats in Uganda range from the west’s ice-capped mountain peaks to the north east’s semi arid regions, the centre’s rainforests and along the numerous open water lakes in the west. The diversity of territories explains the remarkable biodiversity which globally threatened and endemic species. The bulk of birds in Uganda is because of its global positioning to the equator as it runs through the southern region of the country. Additionally the
Rift Valley’s western arm borders it to the south and the west and along a series of highlands including mountain Rwwenzori in the west and the Virunga volcanoes in the southwest which all together attract numerous birds prevalent in the Albertine rift.


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